• Long-running artists, always on the move and constantly evolving.
    Specialized in CircusTheater Performances, suitable for situations as:
    Unicycle on the wire with juggling - Fire shows and pyrotechnic and pyrotechnic effects.
    14 years of experience as professional performers, internationally recognized. They perform both as a couple and as individual artists.
    Gritty, energetic and attentive. Always at the service of the scene. Sensitive in understanding the energy of the moment and capable of directing it towards their own goal. They amuse themselves by amusing other, elaborating and studying ways from colored fire to numbers that no one else in Europe can perform: like the complicated figure in a unicycle on the wire with small hoops and "cloth".
    Gli INVERS have a great passion for laughter, especially Jorik, who with her overwhelming charisma manages to make everyone "cry" from laughter, while making a number with high technique of slackrope player.
    Sascia, fire technician, devises sudden ignitions, fires of different colors, combines pyrotechnics to juggling, uses all sorts of ploy to achieve his goal: leave everyone open-mouthed.
    When these two artists, individually formed, meet each other, the result is amazing. Guess what it can get out of it ?!
    Several proposals for shows, numbers, itinerant characters, living installations...
    A forge of ideas for two artists who devote themselves full-time to their passion.
    Also able as presenters.
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