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As couple or Jorik presenter

We love to variate, the important think is to remain at the service of the scene.

For us, to variate from the maximum of elegance of a hig society Gala evening, or to find ourself in a run-down tavern, it’s an every day think.
Actually it’s part of our artistic reserch: “Gli INVERS” (the opposited) in one word the antonyms get united.

In this way we as well see humans… humans can be very, very different. From any social background they comes, from everywhere they come, they have in comun that beauty, friendliness, and “beeng spicy”, awaken interest, curiosity and will to follow.

With every kind of public we are able to adapt lexicon, costumes, gags, kind of presentations, rhythm, bearing, technics…
But the heart of what moves us remains clear.

An other curious particularity of our presentation is given by the fact that Jorik has a lot of experience as presenter, to be addedto a strong presence and a temper that, on the scene, it’s not easy to put aside.
This make so that the interactions and the presentations games, gets runned really together, dead heat.

This brinhes us once again to the opposits of whot often arethe classical show couple by principally man’s conductions, where it happens that woman looks almost like part of scenografy, or anchored to sensuality.

Here instead, we have feminine woman, strong and lively, supported and flanked to the funny, generous and adictive presence of an manly and active man, and that’s all we need to stay in the scene warmly tuned and whit enthusiasm, looking to the goal of beat service of the scene.

But how two Jugglers does make a presentation?

That’s quickly said, Juggling is a State of mind, as an attitude.

We usually look to mix and make run togeter many thinks at the same time, as long as it is possible.

So, sa long as it is not specially required a classic presentation, We like to range over, bringing in the presentation itself, various “pearls” and little skits as:

  • Ukulele songs
  • Chinese plate
  • Umbrella’s virtuosity
  • Acrobalance
  • Throw and catches of objects
  • Little study about style drop
  • Siamese twins characrers act
  • Acrobatic elements
  • Manipolation and balance of object (small and large)
  • Recitation of cooking recype
  • “Passing” between jugglers
  • Songs
  • Elements of “stand up comedy”
  • Sometimes we can not help telling jokes
  • Games whit the light tecnician
  • Public contact
  • Danced interludes
  • Parody moments
  • Taken in couse of actuality or famous situations
  • Phonecall bringing us into ability moments
  • Various gag from our repertoire

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