living installations


Either as singol player or couple, at your request
with use of both pyro effects and another kinds.


A table, pots and small bottles.
Designed costumes, cured, that evoke the esoteric.
Scratched voices, more as animal sound than words. Sporadically they express themselves.
Bended attitudes of who has spent his life among books and laboratories, in delirant experiments between, darting flames, sparkle and fires of different colors.
All of it executed so that the effects are contained, and not dangerous to an audience at a short distance, like a CloseUp Magic.
Very impressive and unusual effects turn peaple curiosity.
Possible different versions: hilarious, “seekers of love,” or disturbing.




living installationsOnly by couple
with pyro effects or with out


We have a magician, with his table and his magic sphere in which it appears The Oracle: an androgynous character from croaking and thundering voice, that announces misfortunes or fortunes, discord or passions … can questioned by his wizard or by random passers-by.
This scene stirs the atavistic curiosity inherent in the human.
Women, in particular, Iook often very curious by it.
For this scene costumes and equipment are meticulously researched.
Possible either version: ironic or disturbing.



Best by couple; if passersby are masked can also be done as singol player.
This scene can be made with pyro effects or not


It ‘s a real auction sale, parodied.
There is a seller, who shamelessly show and offer the goods; in this case, wizards, powerful monsters enslaved reduced in chains, people grabbed from passersby.
The seller show the details, it set out the quality, it make the “merchandise” show of skill and nastinessin in front of the audience that grows or lower the price.
Excellent gab, characters designe and sparkiy words jokes make it a delightful time, lively and bubbly.
The result is comical


Both single or couple player
with usage of pyrics or not, but it is much more attractive if we use effects …


We are here sellers, who continue to explain the crowd on the use of poisons, for example …
… on neighbors, mother in-laws, bureaucrats, and why not?
Talking about poisons while preparing them, by free offer, it is possible to buy the various small bottles (innocent colored water and glitters, but it’s a secret)
Meanwhile, as we like in the joke to also tell truth, we like to put notions that are really useful, such as the use of ‘colloidal silver and its properties, or use thyme on legumes decreases flatulence … … and much more.



Both as individuals and couple players.

no effects, but possible to add them
We become ruthless butchers, and to activate the levers of the human unconscious, we vaguely resemble dentists.
In a “splatter” scene, we break and pull out the entrails to birds like pigeons, ducks …
Very realistic, thanks to the use of special measures and models of birds lifelike.
If it is too true, and you prefer it less disturbing, we can use colors obviously unnatural for the entrails and other measures.
Here too, the care of the scene, movements, costumes and details are meticulously chosen and incisive.



graziellaSingle or couple players
It would be best plugging in 3 halogen light 220V
Here ve have human-arachnid characters, dark, weaving continuously, slowly and quietly their canvas, with long, thin stiky strips, coming out of the lower abdomen.
The point for installing starts empti, and in the end you find it completely full of “spider web”, turned into a surreal environment.
Here we have a wise use of lights (we have 3 halogen light 220V) that make
the atmosphere extremely suggestive and enchanted.
During the time duration of it, the public sees this web during construction, growing, which already takes the unnatural shades, carrying lights strategically softened and colorized.



graziellaCouple player
both, effects or without


We see a beautiful witch who has turned the head of a man in love, into a horse head, and now scoff him.
The victim, some because his love on her, and a bit for constriction, is at the controls of the despot.
We play also the opposite version, where we have a handsome and fascinating magician and the horse-woman. This version has this addition: the horse-womn has a good flexibility of contortion and on the table of scene she can perform inhuman postures.
Even here costumes designe and scenic care makes it a fancy scene to enjoy.
Remarkable is the horse mask, with which once we fooled even a real horse.
Possible in both hilarious or serious versions



graziellaPlayed by couple
much better with the usage of effects


The fairy, spends his time on the wire fairy (cordamolle) mocking the beast below, performing exercises full of grace and difficulty, without showing any fatigue.
Below, the terrible beast, that wants at all costs to grab her, try with phisical impetuousity, fire spells, tricks and wiles …
We do not know indeed, if in the end the beast manages to capture the fairy or not.
High leve exercises, amazing effects, smart find, excellent actorial interpretation … nothing seems to be missing in this scene, so rich and generously interpreted.

living installations living installations


living installations living installations living installations

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