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Stage numbers – Sascia 




With fire and pyro effects


Musicated with one of the most famous tango songs, having fresh and graceful features.
A sweet and fancy number, like the whistling of someone who thinks about the pleasant cohabitation with their cat .
The accompaniment of the two-tone coloured fire, which follows this lighthearted dance; a hymn to life .




With fire and pyro effects


The vibrant and energetic notes of the homonymous violin song, our Terzofuochista tries to wake up the sensitive souls in a fiery dance of strength and delicacy, trying to bring a seed in the hearts of his audience .
In this exhibition, Sascia engages between various skills, also in the move that made ​​him famous among other fire players, ” the Haiperloop “, with his feet.




Outdoor Number , Flying Lantern


A secret dedication to the Moon .
The star of lovers, of hidden desires, of the finding in the well, a reference point in the night, silent point of connection between human…




With fire and pyro effects


The number most discussed by the company: she does not like it and would like to banish it, he walks proud of it.
For sure it’s a number that does not go unnoticed in either ways.
Juggling with fire and dance, on Terzofuochista song from Tosca



Energetic , it there is also the break 🙂
And… oh well…


Dance of fiery notes. Juggling ( of fire ) in motion. Stick and chains are the primary objects of this performance, and are placed at the service of the energy of this unleashed performer.







Fakir fire


Good number for a beginning, a rite and an honor the primary elements.
Short and sweet, fancy and engaging .
Not spoken number but where movement expresses everything.




 Stage numbers – Sascia Stage numbers – Sascia Stage numbers – Sascia



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